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About Us

Art Stone is a new brand founded in Kosovo in 2019.

In its range it has the production of Decorative bricks, decorative stone and the production of Grout and Mortar in the first Automated factory of decorative products in Balkans.

The production technology is under the pseudonym “Make it Green”, it includes all ecological materials in order to meet EU and USA standards.

For the first time in our country we use Ultra high performance Concrete, which is now mostly used in developed countries and experienced its expansion from 2006 in Dubai under the supervision of the world’s most prominent architect Zaha Hadid.
Which means concrete of high strength and performance.

Our colors of stone and brick are made from highly trained artisans and we use only highest quality natural oxides so are products can be rich and authentic.

Each product is carefully processed and has the features of the most beautiful stone and brick that Mother Nature has given us